Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yes, I am a bit behind in posting the pictures but I have been taking them and hopefully will have them up tomorrow.

Just wanted to post that I had a 2 pound weight gain this week. I had all the excuses imaginable as to why I ate comfort food, why I didn't journal, why I didn't exercise. The thing is I am tired of the excuses. I've been going to WW meetings for 2 weeks and I have only lost 5 pounds. I am yo yoing in the 200's and hating it. This is the same pattern as before. Where I screw around with 5 pounds, gain them loose them, loose them gain them. I HATE IT, but I do this to myself. ALWAYS do this to myself, then I get frustrated and stop. I don't want to stop, but what do I need to fix in me to be successful? Do I need to promise on the bible every day that I will be on program because that really worked last week.

Part of me feel that doing that is sacrilegious but how many times haven't we hear "ask, and you shall receive?" Okay maybe I wont swear or promise on the bible but ask for strength/encouragement/wisdom to follow the program each day.

I am making this my main goal for the rest of February. There are a little more than 21 days left in the month, if I do this every day I should have a new habit by the end of the month. AND this will go with the other goal I have of losing 10 pounds thid month.

I know I have just been rambling but I needed to get my thoughts/feelings out. As I was sitting in the meeting I was hardly paying attention to the leader because I just kept going over and over all the hundreds of times I have done WW and played with 5 pounds, get discouraged and stop. I want to stop the cycle. I must stop the cycle.

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  1. Thank you for your comment yesterday; so far he hasn't gotten a pink slip. I am so sorry to hear about your husbands lay-off. What horrible news!

    It is totally understandable why you slipped up with your eating habits. But you know what, don't worry about the past- learn from it and start fresh with your next meal. If its to hard to take a day at a time- just take it meal by meal or hour by hour. You can do it!

    None of us are perfect, try not to beat yourself up about it okay? *hugs*