Monday, August 17, 2009

Well not completly to the T

There are issues going on at home that have my brain pre occupied. I've been feeling a bit down and those feelings normally tend to make me over eat. I look towards food for comfort. Oh eating some creamy pasta sure comforts me.

I didn't go that over board, the only thing I ate off the menu was mango with chili powder - 1/2 pound to be exact. BUT the problem is that I did want to throw the eating plan out the window and was so waiting to hear the Elote Man. Thank God, the Elote Man didn't pass by my block, or I think I would of bought two. I'm worried that I may stray off the plan and it would take a while to get back on it. I can feel that I am just about at that spot where I can start sabotaging myself again.

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