Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to the scale

I'll become a slave to the scale again. The scale doesn't always keep me on track but it does do some sort of impact on my psychie. I had been avoiding it for a while because I truly didn't want to see the damage I had done but I have homeless to feed. Had to suck it up.
I know I need to stick to one scale to keep an accurate account but I haven't been going to the Saturday workouts with the trainer and she doesn't always weight us. For now I am going to be using the scale at GNC.
I'm at 206.4, a loss of 4.9 pounds in the last 83 days*, it's loss but I was at 198 on the trainers scale. I'll go back on Friday to see if the eating plan is working this week.
*Last weigh in on the scale was 06/23/09.

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